The ultimate file search, download and sales leads program.
Net Prospector General Learn More

Net Prospector General Learn More

Low cost contacts and Sales Leads

net prospector in its standard version finds and downloads files you want from the web. Whether pictures, music, pdf files, or videos, it not only finds them it downloads them without waiting.
  • Find and download unlimited numbers of files of any type you want.
  • Music, games, images, videos, etc.
  • Downloads files without waiting
  • See a complete list here
  • find PDF information files on any subject
  • Thumbnails of images found shown in reports
  • Imports to Excel
  • Save tons of time finding the files you want
net prospector Professional and Free versions provide low cost qualified leads in unlimited quantities, and always fresh.
  • Find as many leads as you need with net prospector Software
  • Finds street addresses
  • Finds zip codes
  • Finds states
  • Finds phone numbers
  • Imports to Excel
  • Imports to Outlook
  • Free version - All data found must be unencrypted to use. Purchase only as many unlock codes ad you need. (This helps you find low cost leads, and only the ones you want)
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Using net prospector to find leads for your business is that easy.

  • Finds phone numbers
  • Finds zip codes
  • Finds states
  • Imports to Excel
  • Imports to Outlook

More Info

net prospector is a labor saving search device. As you search the web, many search engines, such as Google, do a great job of giving you relevant results. But suppose you only want to get pages which contain addresses or phone numbers. And suppose you want to export this list to Excel, or into Microsoft Outlook. Or make a web page type report.

In this case the search engines don't really help you at all. For instance, if you are selling a medical device, and want to find hospitals you could call, or mail a brochure to, how would you find them if you are using the Search engines, such as Google or Bing?

Here is how you would do it:

  • Open up a web browser.
  • Type in ''
  • Press enter.
  • Enter your criteria to search for: 'hospital'.
  • Press enter.
    • Open up the first relevant looking link it gives you.
    • If it is a hospital, look for a 'Contact us' page, or 'Company Information'.
    • If you are lucky enough to find an address, you can commence attempting to copy and paste relevant parts of the address into 'Notepad'.
    • Look for the phone number, and do the same.
    • Look for the web site, and do the same.
    • Finally, enter the found information into a contact manager, or Excel, with great manual effort.
  • Now repeat the above 5 steps about 200 times, depending how many relevant links the search engine gave you.


Use net prospector to do the same thing in about 3 steps, after which it will continue for minutes or even hours scouring the web, while you do something else.

  • Open up net prospector.
    • Click 'Filters'
    • Click 'Addresses and Leads'
    • Check the box find all 'Addresses and Leads'.
    • Click the 'Search' tab
    • Enter 'hospital'
    • Press 'Search'
  • That's it.
  • Sit back and watch the leads pile up in the net prospector database.
  • Click 'Stop Search' at any time (you can continue the same search at any time with no loss of data or leads).
  • Now to export the data to Excel for instance, click the 'Actions' tab.
    • Click 'Export to Excel'
    • Click 'yes' to the 'Export to Excel' prompt.
    • Wait a few seconds while all the found leads are exported to Excel.
    • The export finishes, and an Excel spreadsheet opens up.