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 Sales Leads

Sales Leads

Everyone agrees without sales leads almost all businesses would be at a standstill. Some businesses sell without ever contacting the customer on a personal basis, for instance, companies that sell on the web. But businesses selling higher priced items definitely survive by having sales leads.

Here are some of the common ways to get leads:

  • Rent lists, this is expensive.
  • Go to trade shows, also expensive and time consuming.
  • Advertise, definitely effective, but expensive.

Browse the web. This is nearly free, except for your time. Now, the problem becomes, how much time can you spend browsing the web, as opposed to pursuing sales. You see, you may be bright, sharp, quick, resourceful, intelligent (does sound like you, doesn't it), but one thing you don't have is unlimited attention span. And since what you are doing on the web is clicking around trying to find contact information, or an email address, this is not, as they say, "rocket science". So now, despite all your intelligence, education, business acumen, skill at using the web, etc., you are reduced to a highly skilled robot, sifting through web pages, until lunch time, or you are tired, whichever comes first.

And of course, while you do this, you can't be proceeding to close any sales.

Well, thankfully there is some technical help for this.

There is a program called Net Prospector, which has for almost a decade been helping businesses find qualified sales leads on the web. When we say qualified, we mean at least the lead is in the target industry.

By clever use of keywords entered, just like Google or any other engine, you can get Net Prospector to bring back sales leads.

It operates like a search engine, but runs on your desktop for some amount of time. The longer it runs, the more leads you get. It gets info from search engines mostly, then examines all the sites for a positive occurance of your keywords. Then it attempts to get any contact info present. This save you doing this by hand.

Thus, it saves your attention span, and your time, and gets you leads you never would have found otherwise. Neither will your competitors.

So, if you want the edge, just get or try Net Prospector. Again, it doesn't replace all the other ways of getting sales leads, but it is one good one.

To read about Net Prospector, click one of these:

You it for free at the downloads site.