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Pre Qualified Prospects

Pre Qualified Prospects

 Pre Qualified Prospects

Pre-Qualifying Prospects

It is easy to waste time on what appear to be 'prospects', but are not. If you are not vigilant, you can waste an amazing amount of time on this, even days. Only to find that the person just wanted free information, or a free education.

It is better to follow up the initial enquiry with a few question of your own to pre-qualify the prospect.

For instance, if they say they want leads for their eye exam business, ask where they are getting their leads now. This will give you insight into what they pay for leads, or whether everything is free. Also, is it a 1 time campaign, or will they be needing more leads. Getting set up to give them continual information may not be worth it if 1) they don't like to pay, or 2) Its only a 1 time thing.

On the other hand, you don't want to turn them off. After all, they called you, and could be a prospect. If you are nice to them, and they aren't a qualified prospect, they may still send you a pre qualified prospect, because they liked dealing with you.

Business these days is too full of people who seem to want to immediately see if you will sign a deal, or can benefit them, and if not, they are on their way. At least spend a little time to chat with them and see what they are about.

But don't do a lot of checking or pricing research if they are just a 'window shopper'.

Again, you would be amazed what you can learn with a few thoughtful questions to the person on the other end of the line. You may get some ideas for prospects yourself, or get a better idea what the customer is looking for.

But, avoid giving them a free education on the subject. Which is sometimes hard, because it appeals to your own ego to show the prospect how much you know about the subject. But then he/she will get off the phone and say, Boy I got a lot of good info for free.

Let them know, if they are your paying customer, you will provide advice on an ongoing basis.

If they found your business on the web, be sure to ask how they found it. Once you know this, you may want to augment that aspect of your web site, to get even more notice.

Another way to get some sort of 'pre qualified prospects' is to use some software that scours the web looking for contact info. Although sending mass emails is out these days, just finding contact information without spending hours looking for it is an advantage.

A program which does this is Net Prospector Professional.