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Free Sales Leads

Free Sales Leads

 Free Sales Leads

Everyone says you can get free sales leads, but is it true.

It is true if you know how to use the web. Just browsing for topics, and looking through the results will end up showing you some leads for your product.

And many of these free sales leads are valuable, and if you spend enough time, you will get leads no one else does.

But it is at the cost of your time, and patience. And is subject to the download speed of your web connection.

If only there was a way to get free sales leads from the web without working too hard.

Well, there is one software product that helps you do that, Net Prospector. You can download the Professional version for free from here.

Using this software you mostly find B2B leads. This is an automated marketing lead generation process. It's not a substitute for trade shows, direct marketing, advertising, or Internet marketing. But it helps the sales person who wants to find new free sales leads.

These leads are at least in some measure, qualified. They are qualified in that the program found contact info from someone whose web site contains your keywords. This is better than straight cold calling because you know a lot more about the company you are calling by viewing its web site.

If the sales lead eventually buys, or converts, then it is a closed sale, or conversion. The ratio of closed sales from these web leads is high, because very few companies will have the patience to sift through the web to find them.

So, free sales leads do exist, but you may need some help to find them.

Remember to check out the downloads, Net Prospector Professional.